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Medicare Advantage Bid Audits
Granite Dolphin has contracted with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Office of the Actuary (OACT) to perform actuarial audits of the annual Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan bids that are submitted by Plan sponsors throughout the United States.  Granite Dolphin has been awarded contracts by CMS to do this work since the inception of the Medicare Advantage bid submissions for CY2006.  The actuaries at Granite Dolphin have conducted over 120 of these audits over the past fourteen bid seasons.

Preparation and Actuarial Certification of Medicare Advantage Bid
While Granite Dolphin's primary focus is on the bid audits, our CMS audit contract permits us to prepare and certify Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan bids for a limited number of Plan sponsors.  Our audit experience breeds a deep understanding of the extensive Medicare Advantage regulations, bid instructions, and guidance.  This depth of understanding is brought to the select number of Plan sponsors for whom we certify and support the annual bid submissions.

Additional Services
In addition to our core competency expertise with Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan bids, the actuaries and analysts at Granite Dolphin are experienced in a variety of other health care actuarial services:  
Managed Care Organizations and Health Insurers:

  • Product pricing models

  • Development and review of employer group pricing models

  • Preparation and certification of rate filings

  • IBNR analysis and review

  • Data analysis and ad-hoc studies

 Regulatory Agencies: 

  • Review of rate filings

  • Ad-hoc data analysis